Friday, October 14, 2011

Pictured above, the Widow Norton, who is an important character in my book and, obviously, in political rights for gays and lesbians. Sarria ran for office fifty years ago this November - the first openly gay man to ever do so. Here is my brief story of his current effort to preserve and organize his archive in The Atlantic.

Monday, October 10, 2011

A little behind in posting and lots to catch up on. First off, this handsome picture is connected to a Bar Star which came out September 12 - Amos Pudsey of the Keriwa Cafe. I had to take a little time off but will be resuming the Bar Stars column soon. Extremely sorry to have missed Kuypers.

Recently, we had reviews in Alcademics, World of Beer and was mentioned in an article in The Stranger, which covered Art of the Cocktail, which was a really fun conference/festival I had the pleasure of attending in early October.

Between all that and an NPR All Things Considered interview, I seem to have hit Powell's best-seller list, which, I think, makes me famous in Portlandia - something I'm thrilled to no end about, since in my fantasy slacker life, I am going to spend a few months there in the next few years, just catching up on my reading and eating really good food. I seem to think I belong there.

I also love Boston, of course, where some good folks were kind enough to host me back in August. And even after they met me in person, they still recommended my book. And before that all started, there was the National Post. Adam McDowell, always keen with the insight, wrote one of my favorite pieces about the book and me. Okay, enough bragging for now.