Tuesday, August 16, 2011

For Bukowski's birthday, we post a quick link to his cameo in Barfly. In addition, I link to a couple of nice reviews of a certain book about a topic close to Bukowski's heart. First, from the Winnipeg Free Press, Tom Oleson's review. It concludes as follows:

America Walks into a Bar is history at its best. It is filled with fascinating detail -- it is hard to find a boring page -- about an important historical phenomenon. One puts it down with a sense of satisfaction and a strong urge for a large glass of flip and bounce and a question: Why can't all history books read like this?

And next, from the Buffalo News, Dan Murphy, author of Nickel City Drafts: A Drinking History of Buffalo, New York. He writes:

“America Walks Into a Bar” isn’t a paean to drinking or a love letter to alcohol. It is an insightful, well-told look inside the unique thing that is the American tavern, and how the tavern has helped change American history. It is a worthy addition to the bookshelf of anyone who appreciates the nuances of American history and an occasional visit to the local watering hole.