Saturday, April 09, 2011

A new component of this blog. It's called Dear Lushy. Feel free to send in questions about what you should serve at your parties.

Dear Lushy: Tomorrow we have 8 adults and about 132 kids coming over for brunch. I'd like to serve light, evocative-of-impending-season concoction but not mimosas....any ideas?

Also- thanks!

Bad Mom in the East End.

Dear Bad Mom in the East End:

For the kids, I'd just give 'em straight gin (stirred over ice, of course). Sure, they'll all say they prefer vodka but they gotta grow up some time.

How close are you to the XXXXX liquor store at XXXXX? 'Cause apparently they have 12 bottles of St. Germain elderflower liqueur in stock. XXXXX and XXXXX has two but it may be all gone by the time you get there. With this, you can make a nice rosette - dry champagne and St. Germain. About 1 oz St. Germain to 5 oz champagne (maybe a little less of the elderflowe - depends on tolerance for sweetness. We find Segura Viudas the cheapest to dryest ratio at the government control liquor store which rules our lives. If that concoction is too sweet for you, you might be able to tart it up with a little Black River cranberry or Peychaud's bitters.

For a bar, I would never recommend St Germain. It's passe in the States, where they call it bartender's ketchup. That said it's new here in Ontario, where it will impress guests at a house party. And even though I'm now above drinking it, even I have to admit that I was in love with it when first introduced.

If you can't get the St. Germain due to state shortages, you might try something like this and play with proportions to get it right: 3 oz white wine (something a little sweeter) 1 oz pomegranate juice and fill with 2oz Bottle Green elderflower sparkling water (can be bought at Loblaws). IKEA also carries an elderflower cordial and there's an organic elderflower brand in gourmet stores you might be interested in. I'm not fixated - just nice for spring.

Any of these might be garnished with a nice, plump berry.