Thursday, April 30, 2009

AHG – Special Bulletin – Rum Revival

I’m afraid I don’t have any fun Al stories this month – just a little bit of self promotion. It’s not that there are no Al stories (and horrific picks) this month but, rather, that I’ve been too busy to chronicle them. Apologies.

If I were you, though, and were looking for a movie, I’d watch the Grey Gardens pair. Jessica Lange is almost perfect as Big Edie.

Now if I were you and were wondering how I was going to entertain myself this long, hot summer, I’d consider adopting rum as a companion. And I’d consider going to this event which the lovely Sue and I are hosting:

RUM REVIVAL: RUM & THE LOST CUBAN COCKTAIL Wednesday June 3. 8-10pm. $75. with Christine Sismondo, expert mixologist ( and author of Mondo Cocktail
Back by popular demand after her now-legendary Absinthe & Tequila tasting, Christine turns her libatious attentions to the intriguing history of Rum and the art of the lost Cuban cocktail. While the rest of the world moved on to bad powdered lime bar-mix, Havana bartenders have been continuing to shake it old-school, crafting the same classic cocktails they were mixing in the 1950’s. Er, well, at least when they
have all the necessary ingredients.

Always the life-of-the-party, Christine will explore several luscious and obscure rums followed by a resurrection of some of the greatest long-forgotten cocktails (until now). Served with Latin-inspired ‘street food’, this summer soirĂ©e will be more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Full Rum and Cocktail Tasting with substantial nibbles.

Sacha Douglas (dynamic chef and owner of Coupe Space) points out that
it would be much easier if I just directed you to her website which I
should have done in the first place:

with the specifics to be found here:

This will clarify that you need a ticket in advance and can't simply
just show up. Seating is limited and Tequila/Absinthe was sold out...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Been a while since I've been here - apologies. Working on two big projects and so not quite so much time for the little projects like journalism and blogging. But here's something new.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Finally found a use for Twitter: I'm doing 140-character recipes.

chopping vidalias, add flour, thyme, salt, wh. pepper, chicken stock, blending, adding cream - sopa cebolla. w/ spinach salad bacon dressing.

Yesterday's was: charred and peeled poblanos, then stuffed with shrimp, jack cheese, almonds, cilantro, green onions. topped with mole - don pancho.