Sunday, August 03, 2008

This, to me, is a fascinating topic. In case anybody cares, I don't drink milk - raw or cooked. I was weened on wine. Still, somebody in the comments section who likes to use ad hominem to advance his argument wondered whether I'd compared it with skim in order to produce results. Raw won - taste, colour, mouthfeel and smell.

Clearly, this silly twit doesn't know me. I don't drink or eat skim (or fat-reduced, or calorie reduced, or alcohol reduced, or sodium reduced) anything - ever. The milk I compared it with was the highest fat I could get at the store, my reasoning being that would be the most fair comparison. After a blind taste test (although the smell gives it away with eyes closed) I concluded that if I were a milk-drinker, I would prefer the raw.

Now, not trusting my own judgment, I took my milk samples out to my local and did blind taste tests on consenting adults who signed waivers and all that. One of my consenting adults even seemed to be a super-taster (we did PROP tests too that night) It was unanimous. They preferred the raw milk over the 3.5% I'd bought at the store. Some of the descriptors I used in the article were from my guinea pigs (since I have a hard time getting past the milk taste. Nobody came down ill, btw.

In case anyone's interested, I thought I'd add one more thing: nobody came up with any other sources for raw milk for me. One person suggested I try a Mission Impossible-type break into Riverdale Farm. If Schmidt hadn't come through for me, I wouldn't have gotten any.