Sunday, August 31, 2008

An enterprising blogger has taken it upon himself to publish all the recipes from cocktail hour in New Orleans. I link to mine but am going to spend some time looking at everyone else's. Cocktail hour is about my favorite event at Tales (because of all the people you meet) but, unfortunately, you never get a chance to try everyone else's drinks. Now I can rectify that.

I make my ancho chile syrup, incidentally, with dried anchos, fresh poblanos and occasionally a few other complementary peppers should they be in season. I bring to a boil with sugar in about the same ratio that I would use for a normal simple syrup, then simmer and then strain through a cheesecloth.

Sue and I make a few bar syrups (grenadine, lime cordial, ginger and seville orange). They'll be for sale at the Gremolata re-launch at Hart House September 25th - should you wish to buy and save yourself the trouble of tinkering with spice to sugar ratios.

P.S. One more thing. Somebody commented on the fact that a Brazil-inspired cocktail should have cachaca in it. I tried to leave a comment to this effect on the Slashfood board but it's not up yet. This is an excellent point and, of course, my original recipe called for Leblon. Things get lost in the mix when logistics for making thousands of drinks and sponsors are involved.

The original recipe was as follows:

The Capoeira

Leblon Cachaca 1.5 oz
Grand Marnier .5 oz
Acai frozen pulp 1 oz
Lime juice 1.5 oz
Ancho Chile Syrup 1 oz

I think it's a really different animal than a lot of the other cocktails going around. This is gritty and spicy balanced with sweet.