Sunday, April 13, 2008

When we were in Puerto Vallarta, Senor Descompuesto and I were waiting for the rest of our party so we could check out and enjoying the sun on our shabby little hotel balcony. Descompuesto observed two little kids playing on the rooftop across the street. There were no railings or parents supervising.

"Good to see safety regulations haven't taken over the world," said Descompuesto.

He was so very right. And he knew he was talking to a sympathetic friend - we have had many conversations over the years about our disdain for bubble wrap. For the rest of the trip, though, I made note of the many times we ate food in places which a Toronto health inspector couldn't even begin to understand, climbed up slippery steps with no "Pelligroso!" signs, were exposed to second-hand smoke, traveled in boats with no life jackets and were served to the point of intoxication - to name a few of our freedoms.

It was lovely.

At any rate, there's a woman (who is clearly after my own heart) writing about this sort of stuff here.