Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thursday, October 04, 2007

My apologies go out to my one reader for posting so rarely. Regular blogging is a lot more time-intensive than it appears. Of course, my reader, being a blogger herself understands this. Aside from semi-regular work for a couple of dailies and monthlies and my teaching duties, I also have a monthly newsletter called Al's Hidden Gems. (Anyone who wants to subscribe can drop me a line at sismondo AT yorku DOT ca.) These duties often prevent me from scouring the interweb for hours to find interesting stories to comment on.

However, occasionally I glance away from my Word documents long enough to note something of interest, like the recent proposal to close the Matador or, today, this more disturbing news. It's distressing that Toronto can't support a proper bar culture - I mean grown-up spaces with really good drinks and no flashing lights - but can support another vile mega-club in that improperly named area of town which promises entertainment but, I'm sure, delivers no such thing.

I'm writing a story on the New York bar scene (which I'll link to when it appears). I also have thoughts on smoking bars which, perhaps, are appropriate for this forum. For the record, while I am a smoker (and always will be), I never smoke cigarettes anymore. I do have a cigar once in a while, though.