Thursday, June 22, 2006

Perhaps thanks to the recent release of Mixellany 2: The Journal of the American Cocktail (which contains an article written by me about the origin of the word "cocktail" and was ordered by far, far more people than anticipated), Mondo Cocktail has had a surge (no, that's not right...maybe a, a ripple?) Well, it seems at least one person brought one, bringing my sales up from #1,000,998 to, at some points yesterday, in the twenty thousand range!

My average seemed to have worked out at #73,468. This is almost right in between 100 Greatest Songs in Christian Music and MitzvahChic: A New Approach to Hosting a Bar or BatMitzvah that is Meaningful, Hip, Relevant, Fun & Drop-Dead Gorgeous.

No, by the way, I don't usually waste too much of my time looking at this stuff. Not anymore, at least.