Sunday, November 13, 2005

Q: But wasn't that just an excuse to drink bourbon?

A: Yes!

Well, we had a little party on Tuesday, and judging by the fact that I'm only posting on Sunday, it must have been a good one. People came from as far away as Syracuse, Kingston, Manhattan, the Bridlepath and even the Annex. (Special thanks to those who ventured from Annexia to the land of Parkdale - I know how difficult it can be to leave the vortex of those three blocks.)

Crowd was estimated at 100 and the bartenders were heroic in their efforts to serve the hordes their Mint Juleps, Daiquiris, Martinis and especially Sidecars. Penny was even seen helping to bus at several points so we thank her for going above and beyond the call.

Shaun Smith from Pages on Queen hosted the event and he was happy to tell me at the end of the night that we not only sold out but also broke the record for books sold at a This is Not a Reading Series event. So, thank you so much to everyone who came out and supported the event and bought books. It was sincerely appreciated.

If you are one of the few who arrived late and couldn't get a copy, or if you have friends and family who you think would like to receive a copy of Mondo Cocktail for Christmas, I encourage you to visit Pages at Queen and John to pick a few up. Alternatively, Book City on Bloor has signed copies and I'm headed down early this week to sign all the warehouse copies for that chain so they'll all be autographed.

And, in case you're agoraphobic like me, you could always order it here. For my American friends, the book is available here. It would be nice to see it move up past the millionth most popular mark, even if only for a day!

Finally, for those of you whose drug of choice isn't alcohol at all, there's a nice little review in the Toronto Star of Ian Mulgrew's excellent new book Bud Inc: Inside Canada's Marijuana Industry.