Saturday, March 19, 2005

A man after my own heart:

WHAT THE HELL is going on here? When did this country get overrun by killjoys and prudes? Aren’t folks allowed to have fun anymore? Will the day soon come when each American citizen is subject to random weigh-ins? When gym memberships are handed out with our Social Security cards? When each household room is outfitted with a cigarette-smoke detector wired to the local police department? When bars and clubs institute two-drink maximums? Frank Kelly Rich, editor of Modern Drunkard magazine, an unabashed and gleefully provocative celebration of the lush life, wonders the same thing. "It’s like this whole new age of nannyism," he says. "Everybody’s trying to tell everybody else how to live. They’re so concerned about their neighbor having too much fun that they stop remembering to have fun themselves."

Link to Vice in a Vise by Mike Miliard found on Arts and Letters Daily.