Thursday, April 01, 2004

The Hendrick's is gone!

Well the gang came over to try a Hendrick's martini, blackened chicken livers and bacon-wrapped scallops. The martini was pronounced the finest they'd ever had, which made me very happy. When we ran out of Hendrick's we made Bombay Sapphire martinis, which to be fair, were made with ever-so slightly watery ice, which killed a bit of the bouquet. Even so, it was clear that the first was far, far, superior and a mere two weeks ago, I would have been perfectly satisfied with Bombay Sapphire (still my choice for second best).

What surprised me most was how impressed all (including the cat who made off with two) everybody was with the bacon-wrapped scallops. Truly the simplest thing to make, in fact, almost impossible to screw up, and a staple at Keg-like places. Siobhan (our martini connoisseur who initially introduced us to Hendrick's) called it 70s food and expressed surprise at the tenderness of the scallop. Instructions are as follows: do not overcook. Simple as toast. For a variation, try prosciutto-wrapped scallops or bacon-wrapped water chestnuts.