Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Hendrick's -- It's Not for Everyone

There's a long standing debate about whether or not a vodka martini counts and I don't want to give too much away from my Martini chapter in my hopefully forthcoming Mondo Cocktail, but frankly, it doesn't. I'm not judging anybody, if drinking a chilled, tasteless, odourless beverage at $7 a glass turns you on, go right ahead -- but if you want to drink a real martini, gin is the only way to go.

Gin has a distinct flavour and even if you don't think you like the taste of gin, you're likely to enjoy it in a properly made martini, which should, by the way contain some vermouth.

Now, I am halfway through the best martini of my life as I write this and I think it only fair to indulge the secret. My friend Siobhan has been on me for a while to try out this new (to Ontario, at least) gin called Hendrick's and she was quite right.

Made in Scotland, Hendrick's calls itself an unusual gin, which it certainly is. I might be imagining it, but I do believe I can smell the cucumber. Also, I'm a sucker for packaging and it has a bottle I'm almost hesitant to hide away in the freezer (where gin should be stored for ideal martini purposes). Check out their website and you'll get an idea of how easy it is to fetishize.

Thank you Siobhan, you've changed our lives for the better.