Thursday, September 04, 2003

Just in case anybody is worried that I've died of mojito poisoning, I want to reassure them all's well. I'm not dead, I've just been in Cleveland.

Once known as "The Mistake on the Lake", Cleveland's actually a pretty good place to spend a short while. Their downtown reconstruction efforts really seem to have gone a long way towards turning that city around, although everybody told me that the city was headed back to a downward spiral. It seems they haven't managed to convince very many people to actually move downtown.

What's really impressive about Cleveland is the way they've managed to keep the waterfront connected to the downtown core despite a highway cutting it off. Unlike Toronto, where the Gardiner really makes the Harbourfront a completely seperate and distinct community, the planners in Cleveland decided to put things on the waterfront that people actually want to go to like the Browns stadium, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and a science center.

Not being all that big of a rock and roll kind of guy, I was sort of hesitant to go to the Hall of Fame but went on the grounds that when everybody asked me if I was going and when I responded negatively thay asked "Then, why Cleveland?". So I figured it was a pretty big deal.

It was well worth it -- for David Cassidy's jumpsuit alone -- but what was really great was watching middle American septugenerians going into the "Are you Experienced" theatre; the very same people who might have taken Jimi Hendrix's music to be evidence of Satan on earth about 30 years ago. It's amazing how quickly and easily things can be sanctioned and accepted.

There was also a fantastic 20 minute movie called Video Killed the Radio Star about MTV that was one of the best nostalgia pieces for my generation I've ever seen. I asked the gift shop if they had a DVD for sale, which would have made a very good gift for The Flea, but alas, no such thing was available.

Also went tequila shopping (one of my favourite cross-border activities), caught a Blue Jays game at Jacob's Field which is a beautiful park and got to see a fair bit of a really stunning two day airshow. I'll admit to some naivete and inexperience here, but those fighter jets really blew me away. Shock and awe indeed.

So that's it for now, more regular blogging will resume, but for the moment I have to go meet my football pool partner and get set up for the coming NFL season. My pick tonight is the NY Jets and over. It's a bold choice, I know.