Thursday, June 05, 2003

You'd think I'd be inspired to write about something what with the new fall television schedules for Global and CTV coming out today. Funny, I'm not. I guess that kind of says it all.

So instead, I'm planning my dinner. Tonight we'll opt for the simplest thing possible, I'm going out to the local market and picking up some Atlantic salmon. I don't have the energy to hike it to get organic salmon tonight which, I swear, is worth the price and effort.

I get some arugula and baby spinach greens and cover the plate with it. If I have time (which I likely won't today) I marinate the salmon in rice vinegar, tamari and a bit of sesame oil. Then I wrap it all up in tinfoil and put it on my rapidly disintegrating barbecue.

I always make sure the salmon isn't overdone; it should still be pink and tender in the middle. Occasionally, I'll just sear it and leave it quite rare in the center. Parasites don't scare me in the least - after all, Maria Callas successfully used a tapeworm to lose 80 pounds.

Then, the sauce (and this is the key to the whole dish). I finely mince garlic, ginger and some green onions, throw it all in with a dab of sesame oil, a good tamari soya and Nakano rice vinegar. It's important to get the right rice vinegar and while there are some better vinegars out on the market, I have yet to experiment with all of them so rely on Nakano. I got some truly hideous stuff a couple of weeks ago when I strayed. It was pretty much tasteless.

Throw the salmon on top of the greens, the dressing on top of everything on the plate and dinner is served. This is my fallback recipe but it's really very good.